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This service, which we call "mail scrubbing", allows us to filter all email being sent to your mail server. Our filters are designed to perform the following tasks:

      • Blacklist Filters: We will bounce any email being sent to you from known spam servers.
      • Virus Filtering: We review all incoming mail for viruses. We update our virus definitions every 6 hours to keep you protected.
      • SPAM Labeling: We subject all email to an analysis to see if it has characteristics consistent with SPAM. If it does, then we insert a SPAM label in the subject line.
      • WhiteListing: You can whitelist any email senders for whom a false positive has been generated; this will keep them from being incorrectly labeled in the future.

      When the email is received by your server, you can further handle the SPAM labeled email by strategies such as quaranteen, or by letting your users move them to low priority folders inside their email programs.


      For more information on this service, please contact us.

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